What is it and how do we express it as past, present, and future?
I am an artist and architect based in Brooklyn New York. I have invented a 3D vocabulary of forms I believe has the potential to represent a very rich, in all forms of currency, as the cultural identity that symbolize the transformation of the disruptive nature of our shifting beliefs, paradigm/s and lives with great creative, cultural and economic impact. Humanity lacks a cohesive creative aesthetic language that operates on the full spectrum of communications, subtle and gross to keep us in touch with all the forces we rely on to keep us alive, curious and enthusiastic about who we are and how we can empower our selves and our communities to protect ourselves for all negativity, especially from the insidious invasions we fall prey to, by design.
Glossing over this critical idea with poetry does not express the FED-UP-Ness  I feel with all the distractions we face just trying to share the love with those we care about and live a purposeful life in peace. The attitude that the word ‘aesthetic’ suggests is one of growth integrity, beauty, community or ‘altitude’, not the frivolous materialistic, manipulating bull shit about looks and likes on social media. It is our SPIRIT that you and everyone else are messing with in the morality and dignity lacking ‘shit-selling’ we are inundated with. Consumption is not the answer. Consumer Economies eventually consume themselves. The expire quicker without having aesthetic foundations to give them their coherence.
“Where there is no vision the people perish”, is based on having an Aesthetic Foundation for everything we create, each with its scale and variations ready to add value to our lives.   A claim about inventing a new series of shapes and forms with its wide-ranging potential is ‘alien’ to most western philosophical, “Art”, technology and capital traditions, driven by materialistic satisfaction, instant gratification, ego, and greed.
AESTHETICS is the spirit of things, people and all forms of exchange (currency in all its forms), use to interact with this interactive living experience that is totally natural and INTERDEPENDENT. It flows to engage us in it at a much deeper level; way beyond what we think or know now. Getting to it is an inner journey we may not find comfort in.
This Subject: “American Aesthetic and Cultural Identity” is looking for a cornerstone to hold all other building blocks, in all creative dimensions in place. This can help us rebuild the broken world that’s being unintentionally dismantled by our lack of human consciousness and too much negativity. Finding answers to encode balanced physical, psychological and spiritual dimensions of “CONSCIOUSNESS” as art and forms; 3D and all other types is the part of our contract with the big ‘G’ word that folks do not know.  Having the AESTHETIC glue, we all have but are unaware of, holds what we think, do an make together as structures, institutions, and worlds, especially the phantasmagoric ones we conjure up, continue to fall apart. A cohesive genuine synthesis of an Aesthetic that reflects the emerging paradigm with everyone in their right mind must be the goal now.
With all the advances in technology and science, we are still operating on flatland.
Real 3D forms based on Non-Euclidean geometric concepts add value as “CONTENT”. It is often overshadowed by ‘spiritually’, here to mean the highest form of creative energy, with depleted linear forms of thought, communication, language, words, and two-dimensional representations we get stuck in, especially when major disruptions come along.
The next follow up question becomes; do 3D forms, with their shared innovative, unique Aesthetic Quality, identity and flavor become Expressions, Behaviors, and the Essences of ‘CONTENT’? Do we need a broader definition of CONTENT? What will it be?   If the forms we invent are encoded with rich aesthetic-content and we add that third dimension to it then we have our threefold synthesis as the best of all worlds.
Thank You
Herb Bennett
Please share your thoughts and definitions!

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