Consciousness and Stem theory

The following ideas are meant to shed light on a timeless quandary about who we are. We experience the world with our five senses, we think and communicate both feelings and ideas, We think we are curious and say we are conscious but are we really though?
Opinions of consciousness continue to unfold as various thinkers share their ‘thoughts’ of it with the world. Their theories have a limited shelf life and many do not stand the test of time. Unfoldings bring new revelations, understandings, definitions, and ART-iculations of paradigms that once supported them. They eventually change to embrace new theories that cause major and minor shifts of…….”consciousness”. Disruptions occur in the human fabric that can profoundly transform our lives. For a theory to be understood a five-year-old should be able to ‘get it’. Test this theory; ask your toddler what consciousness means and share those responses with us.
Like “Darwin’s theory of evolution”, which gave us the survival of the fittest myth or the discovery of DNA by Crick and Watson in 1953 that became God’s Codes revealed. These are some of the pillars of western thought and Theories. Like those very comfortable shoes we love to wear, they eventually are worn out with holes in them. Cobblers are now obsolete not unlike scientists and theorists who now use the new ‘stem paradigm’ for their mythematics and mathemythics of physical mate-realism now seen as illusion.
The essence of ‘STEM’ can be explained as See, Touch and Evaluate by Measurement. As a theory, this is an incomplete story stuck in a material world of ill-use and therefore an illusion.
The deeper ‘spiritual’ meaning of Consciousness is not in the contemporary parlance or sy-stem of thinking so it becomes impossible to define. For ‘practical purposes’ it does not exist. If you lose anything, including your mind, the logical place to look for it is where it is, not where it could be or should be. The quantum masters are discovering this now because of their emerging theories.

What do you think Consciousness is, How does it work, Where do we find it?

To be followed responded to and continued. Thank you Read and enjoy!


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