20 Native American Paradigms

Here is a list of some of those nuggets of wisdom which we can learn from the Native Americans:

1. SHARING IS CARING We should share our good fortune with others because no one becomes poor by giving. Charity is a selfless activity and engaging in any kind of charitable business brings good to others and to ourselves.
2. MULTIPLICITY OF RELIGION Native Americans allow plurality of religious faith because there is no point in bringing the diverse world under one umbrella of religion. As there are many people, there are many faiths. We should not force anyone to convert or join some other religious group that the one they follow.
3. BEING YOURSELF Being yourself is very important because if you can’t be true to your own soul, then how can you be true to anyone in the world?
4. EXPLORE YOUR SOUL There is much to be gained when you explore your soul. You should be in touch with your deep desires and should be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. You can only know what is right for you by doing so.
5. LET OTHERS BE Don’t force yourself on others. Give them their space.
6. PEACE Try to be the one who brings peace to people and the world rather than pain. Negative thoughts and actions harm everyone around you including yourself.
7. RESPECT FOR MOTHER EARTH You should not take anything for granted especially the environment. We should act like responsible people and have basic respect for our natural resources. Mother Earth lives and takes care of us in her LOVE.
8. CARING FOR CHILDREN We should be thoughtful in raising children because they are the members of the upcoming generations. They need to be taught values and discipline so that they can become responsible human beings.
9. APOLOGIZING Learn to accept your mistakes and say sorry whenever it is required. Accepting mistakes makes us free from unnecessary stress and apologizing gives us guilt-free soul.
10. NO NEGATIVITY Unnecessary negativity only brings stress and anxiety. Energy is depleted creating dis-ease. So stay away from such people and their thoughts altogether.
11. EMPATHIZE We all are connected to each other in some way or the other (on the human web). You need to empathize with others in order to spread love and kindness.
12. SAY NO TO GOSSIPS Stop indulging in meaningless gossip (and fear) mongering. It does not do any good to anyone. Such activities only spread negativity and hatred.
13. PRAY (MEDITATE) It never hurts to pray. Even a little prayer said for you loved ones can do wonders. It strengthens our bond with the higher power (LOVE) (if you believe in it).
14. TOLERANCE IS IMPORTANT The only way to peace and harmony is through LOVE and COMPASSION. Accept that people are different and let them live the way they want to. Acceptance of tolerance and diversity is crucial for world peace.
15. MAKE YOUR DECISIONS Stop letting others make your decisions. Decide what you want to do in and with your life.
16. BE HOSPITABLE Treat your guests with kindness, LOVE, and affection.
17. TRY TO BE AND FEEL CONTENT Contentment is very hard to realize in life. In order to feel content, through elevated emotions and as information, you need to count your blessings and stop counting others’.
18. BALANCE Try to be a balanced individual rather than running on the extremes. Balance is everything.
19. HONESTY Being truthful is really important because lies put you in unfavorable situations.
20. PAST IS IN THE PAST What’s gone is gone. There is no point in crying over it. Respect your past (and move on towards) the future but be in the present, where the real action is.

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