The English language is a milieu of other languages that use symbols, words, and expressions that do not get to the root of human communication and are fresh. What we accept and agree about the world around us turns out to be a superficial interpretation of a much deeper and more complex feeling creative people who use words seek to move themselves and others in exciting and different ways. The par-lance of Social Language (with its darts) has a life of its own constantly morphing into new forms to express ideas and thoughts that are evolving. As our concepts and ideas about the world shift the expressions we use to describe new paradigms are invented. They tend to remain stuck in the old paradigms with the obsolete codes and meanings that no longer guide us to any true deeper understanding. Then some ‘wordsmiths come along and deconstruct the formulae.

English is a concoction of Latin, French, German, some archaic ancient and other romance languages. The words hum-ble, stum-ble, bum-ble and crum-ble like all others have a prefix, a root, and a suffix. This holy trinity structure is essential to the lovers of “wordsmithing” with all its nuances we are now exploring.  What comes to mind for me with the root ‘hum’ is human. The ‘ble’ speaks to being ‘able’. Is the ability to be human a deeper meaning than those the (big bad dick) dictionary gives us: Definition 1; “of low social, administrative, or political rank”. Definition 2; “having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance”. What a crock! How more egotistical can you get with these subtle messages? Do they reflect the compassion and selflessness that a non- material-spiritual seeker might prefer? You choose do you trip and Stum-ble or engage in negative human behavior. Does rum-ble mean drinking ‘rum’ resulting in the ability to fight?

If I could ever “HUMBLE DOWN would I not TUMBLE, STUMBLE, BUMBLE OR CRUMBLE…….(et al) DOWN anymore”?

‘Harmony’ is another doozy of a word made up of ‘harm and ‘mon(e)y’ How would you interpret this de-construction? If I have money could I avoid harm? Can avoiding harm make me money and therefore make me happy?  You bet your bippy it will!

‘Doozy’ means something outstanding or unique of its (any) kind. ‘Doodle’ is to scribble absentmindedly. “WORDSMITHING” does not capture the deeper flavors in this poetic scram-ble that keeps the language fresh even though it has such a long his-tory (ego) and her-story (shego) that we pay no at-tension to as we go on being creative and living in harmony. Positive fuzzy, warm language makes us happy. We know what the other type does intentionally or unintentionally. Poetic scrambling needs a new ‘tag’ to rehash our language. Can the same process be at work in other languages? If you know of any please share. The absentmindedness of the poetic mind fits the need for dreaming up stuff with doodling outstanding or unique associations made by scrambling and deconstructing words way beyond the ‘smithing’ we do now. It’s coming into focus; the moniker or brand that is……Here it is ” The creative act is (drum roll) doozleing!” (not drooling’ Per spellcheck which is a doozy of a source of much humor that just came up). The word becomes a ‘doozle’ not ‘double’ says spell-check, but it makes more sense. This is no accident. It is the double that comes from deep inside that getting out the trouble that we hide.

The formula:                                                                                                                                            When we encounter a word we are or are not familiar with we first deconstruct it. If it implies contradiction we paradooxle it. It is then doozled to reveal its prefix-root and suffix. We check its meaning in the original coded foreign tongue (which again could be an-atom-ically and explosively incorrect and screwing with your mind by this time) to find new ass-ociations, meanings as you continue componding the newly minted (or mined) essences and flavors going way beyond all the traditions that language now uses.



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