We were conceived and born in EASE.  Disconnected from the truer alignments with all the vibrations, and energies that were given to maintain that nascent ease, we end up living in stress. The vicissitudes of life’s causes depend on the choices we make knowingly and unknowingly putting us on a path of DIS-EASE. A healthy path generally enhances all energies unless stress is not recognized nor ‘managed’.

Healing requires various management techniques, systems, and cures. Since everything starts in that purest state of ease, source, or by any other name it seems reasonable that the place to start the healing is on that level which is pure energy. The adage ‘physician heal thyself’ comes to mind here. The Body part of the Body, Mind, Energy paradigm objectifies our thought patterns, adding to the stress. Listening to the body speaking to us, reporting on what is happening to it and what it needs is ignored. The Mind Paradigms, personal and universal conditioning kick in to undermine the message.

Our interactions and response to the Body-Mind dynamic become our paradigm. It is the source of the dialog with ourselves that is trying to help us heal ourselves to reveal ourselves as the art we are. A totally disconnected mind that causes the body to continue on its path of destruction leads to crisis, chaos, and trauma. The healing method is divine intervention and all that comes with the respective traditions people believe that can heal the self. Summoning Source at this point might have some positive results when alignments are realized and entrained. By this time, however, the die is cast and the stage for the deep dive into deeper intervention is set.

The highest vibrations of Spirit know spirit better than all the lower levels of power supposedly learned and known through EGO, SHEGO and our intellect that tries to simulate the ‘healing graces’ in healing crisis and trauma. The highest vibration of spirit is the best. How to access this vibration that operates on dimensions we know nothing about is where we are, in our human story now. This narrative is our map. It does not have the coordinates defined for us because we are not even looking in the right places for the graces that are way higher than we are now.

Retracing our steps to our ancestors is my suggestion especially when we begin to experience the eternality and ubiquity of their wisdom. We fell into the trap of the illusions of their languages that we all connected symbolically to one truth while we are all distracted and fractured in our consciousness scaffolding building “technologies”. Its the tower of confusion all over again.

One model from this path is that of the Kundalini. Even Nicola Tesla told us about its role in his work. The Kundalini is the universe’s creative process that permeates the ALL of ALL.

It is the True Spiritual Designer with a simple logic to its structure and behavior. The kundalini Mother Energy is (US) the designer. These seven centers correlate with all other expressions in all fields where they distribute their flavors in a Qualitative Periodic Matrix from human consciousness to infinite consciousness.

The Hermetic philosophy is another system we are not paying attention to. The major correlations come from the EGYPTIAN culture. They are based on the TRIAD of Body, Mind, and Spirit found in all belief systems. Each has its own symbolic language and creation (myth) story.

How does KUNDALINI really work?                                                                                                  Everything WE do incorporates and relies on the Kundalini’s creative ‘Mother’ energy. For the east, it is subtle energy that cannot be measured. The West gets as far as the endocrine system and the Central Nervous System and is therefore ‘electrical’. The East-West Consciousness disconnect is a dichotomy holding the key to world- peace. Every dynamic process, the universe, planets, the world, countries and life forms have an individual and a collective kundalini connecting to infinite, normal and sub-conscious vibrations and is a creative process. As artists, we use this energy dynamic starting with Sahaswara with thoughts and ideas. Ajna is Visualization and imagination. Vishuddha is media and communication. Anahata is LOVE and compassion. Manipura is Work energy; fuel from the sun via food. Svadhisthana is Creativity the Sexual center for reproduction and gender as qualities for creation. Muladhara is the earth matter for making things. This is our core. It supports all other centers.

Normally we get an idea and we visualize it. We share it with others and if it’s good we love it. We begin to work on it using the energy we store in our systems. We assign male and female properties to make it. We reproduce ourselves. We use materials and energies to produce the product we thought of and DESIGNED. The kundalini Mother Energy is (US) the designer.  All the while our ‘EGOs and SHEGOs are tricking us to believe we are in charge and are doing this blessed creative work on our OWN.
With the Sahaswara we get an idea and with Ajna we visualize it. With the Vishuddha we share it with others and if it’s good the Anahata opens and we love it. We begin with the Manipura to work on it using the energy we stored in our systems. With the Svadhisthana we assign male and female attributes to make it function according to natural laws and symmetry principles. We reproduce ourselves. With the Muladhara use materials, elements, fuel, and energies to produce the product we thought of and DESIGNED.

“Design is healing and healing is design”. The inner world and its external expressions are all resonating to the same energy fields keeping everything it manifests in order. If it is not in order it simply dies.

Herb Glenn Bennett



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