Read this seven times, take deep breaths between each reading. Do not think, do nothing and shift your mindset. Resonate to the truth that is projected and received to activate and awaken your elevated consciousness. Act on your imagination, creativity, and purpose in your own unique voice and manifest your designs.

Creating Designs by adopting the new paradigm shift for your authentic creative and spiritual growth, self-realization, and prosperity.

There is a plethora of evidence of a new paradigm in the world now with a profound shift of human consciousness impacting our lives. It’s unlike any other time in our human story. This is coming from the ‘spiritual or highly creative disciplines, technical professions, and others whose descriptions of the world we have always trusted and accepted. We can no longer rely on them. They served us well it’s now a new time. The world is divided into the old and new paradigms. Inversions of values and mindsets open minds, tapping into SOURCE to be part of the flow of new information. Change agents can  ART-iculate new lifestyles and personal needs for those who are in harmony with this universal shift and are responding to the Physical, psychological and creative possibilities for all who engage in it, willingly or unwillingly but harmoniously.

Our ‘operating systems’ change constantly. We may not be aware of the subtle nature of this shift that inspires and informs our intentions, needs, desires, visions, and goals. New ‘symmetry principles’ are unfolding and applied successfully to positively impact the lives of everyone on earth for generations to come. We have not yet discovered the ‘secret sauce’ that helps us achieve our self-realization and the effective transformational techniques needed to activate the new creative systems we must now reformulate to define our lives and their support processes. The choice is clear participate in this ‘movement’ or be stuck in old paradigms. Get more of the same results with the same knowledge, attitudes, and methods we have always applied or watch our purpose and greater good vanish.

Shifting mindsets produce better outcomes, new concepts and practical innovations we all have thought of or shared about our lives; the human condition and have done nothing about any of them. A new aesthetic, one we have not seen nor envisioned yet, is in the making. By the time most ‘seek’ or ‘see’ it, it might be too late. Movements in history tend to be hindsight stories. With focus, intention, and desire it is possible for one evolved soul to make a difference in the new world today. Freedom is truly free but if we do not activate it and tap into the new wisdom, intelligence, knowledge, and information this new paradigm age we are in is offering us, it could be extremely costly. There is not a lot of time left for us to right earth’s ‘spaceship’.

Trading in stress and dis-ease for ease and energies to activate all our creative potential with new possibilities is our reward. We are in the best of times if we can make it our own time, this time around. What we do with this rare creative and self-empowering moment depends on the communities we build, the natural principles we align with and the values we all maintain. Every effort, expression, and idea would be best served when we master the synthesis of the Body, Mind and Spirit continuum. These are the elements of consciousness and our ‘guy-dance’ principles. It is from these centers that we generate self-esteem, harmony, creativity, love, peace, joy and prosperity. With these dynamic qualities and essences, a stable and properly placed fulcrum we can leverage our energies to operate and create our destiny to lift the world. A recalibration of humanity, with this as a GPS system the new paradigm becomes an imperative we are all responsible for. No-thing else matters!

Herb G. Bennett

Copyright 11. 17

If you read this as suggested your shift might have occurred. Resonating to its truth activates your mindset to awaken your consciousness. It acts on your imagination, creativity, and purpose in your own unique voice.



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