If you do not believe in any force greater than yourself and your ‘ego or Shego’ the ‘self’ becomes susceptible to what we call sabotage. The unqualified professionals who judge and name phenomena do so from their conditioning they too experience. All human behavior and the systems that set the standards and regulate them have their conditioned responses to thoughts and actions required for healthy living, creative engagement for self, community, and humanity. They normally are part of the issue and not the solution. Habits are cultivated. The culture sets the tone and the rules for them. They are the dynamics used to develop personal, social, political, institutional (LIFE’S) PARADIGMS. The saving grace about them is that they shift and more disruptively they change radically. Each of these represents a particular view of the world and their world particularly. Their tenets do not necessarily carry over to every other dimension to create self-esteem, peace, joy, and coherence needed as positive aspects and principles of life.

A synthesis is needed of these and many more of them that are unique to each factor that contributes to the results manifested when appropriate alignment is not in place. Let’s agree that alignments are connections to ‘SOURCE’ from which thoughts, wisdom, intelligence and higher dimensional knowledge and information flow to those who are tuned to the vibration of their frequencies and are at peace with themselves. The source for each dimension has a label that we all do not all agree on. Difference, in this context, is a major stress point in this inherently subconscious phenomena few know how to define or even manage. It is sub-conscious for good reasons. Taking the position to focus on the positive is of greater benefit here. For where ever we put our focus is where our energy and thoughts go towards the positive, creative visions and visualizations we still do not understand.

The new paradigm brings with it the fulfillment of promises never kept. We simply did not have the understanding of the multidimensional nature of consciousness we do now to rid ourselves of the conditioning that causes dis-ease. Not living one’s dream causes dis-ease, stress and low self-esteem.    We have clear evidence of shifts in human consciousness on the gross and subtle realms of life now available to us to create a new framework for living. Knowledge is derived from the wisdom traditions of ancient cultures, new discoveries in brain science and related technologies along with the East-West synthesis of metaphysics, art, and science that can now be applied to new solutions and lifestyle creations. Lifestyle design is not good business. There is no industrial complex for it until we get past the rhetoric of our general uninspired views of the world and keep focusing on the “problems” caused by the misalignment of principles, values, and injustices we have surrendered to. Giving up control of our lives is the prime factor for everything else we inherit from our actions. This is a new higher-standing we can set for our selves adding light to a more compassionate and conscious human evolution.

Let’s nip this (right channel catch) in the bud right now! The old paradigm language is no longer useful if sustainable solutions are to be created in the new paradigm framework we all need to build.  Our ancestors have given us the solutions we continue to ignore. Who created these definitions and what was their motive? They are very mechanical.

DEFINITIONS: Sabotage: deliberately destroy, damage, or obstruct (something), especially for political or military advantage. Intentionally applying this phenomenon to self or other people is not very compassionate.

Traits and characteristics of this dynamic presented as reasons.                                                Reason #1: Worth: the value equivalent to that of someone or something under consideration; the level at which someone or something deserves to be valued or rated.

Reason #2: Control. The power to influence or direct people’s behavior or the course of events

Reason #3: Perceived fraudulence. The conceptualization of perceived fraudulence as involving a combination of fraudulent ideation, depressive tendencies, self-criticism, social anxiety, achievement pressures, and self-monitoring skills, participating in creating and communicating (mentally) Fake news, Fake lives and fake selves.

Reason #4: Familiarity the quality of being well known; recognizability based on long or close association.

Reason #5: For a handy scapegoat. A person who is blamed for the wrongdoings, mistakes, or faults of others, especially for reasons of expediency. ‘whipping boy’ [(in the Bible) a goat sent into the wilderness after the Jewish chief priest had symbolically laid the sins of the people upon it (Lev. 16)].

Reason #6: Sheer boredom.  A feeling of utter weariness and discontent resulting from satiety or lack of interest; boredom:  Copyright H.G. Bennett 10 31 17 Where is the LOVE? Humanity in the New Paradigm is our responsibility! Thank You!


The 2012 Mayan Paradigm Shift we missed

The 2012 Mayan prediction: Author Jose Arguelles called the date “the ending of time as we know it” in a 1987 book that spawned an army of Mayan theorists, whose speculations on a cataclysmic end abound online. But specialists meeting at this ancient Mayan city in southern Mexico say it merely marks the termination of one period of creation and the beginning of another. “We have to be clear about this. There is no prophecy for 2012,” said Erik Velasquez, an etchings specialist at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). “It’s a marketing fallacy (being polite).”

The Mayans exhausted their consciousness quota knowing that they were about to move on to other dimensions. The civilizations that disappear from physical reality may experience this shift we are unaware of. Space-time-energy shifting periods are “PARADIGMS”.

Humans are addicted to “reality” and Maya (Illusion as in the Hindu tradition). We are junkies, hooked on our senses and emotions operating on the lower registers of our “Creation Rays”. Alignment with the subtle, energetic dimensions in true balance harmonizes experiences, living towards ascension through expressions, conditions, states as subtle multidimensional consciousness we know and interact with. There are the 3RD Body-Form-Physiology dimensions, the 4TH Mind-Time-Psychology Dimensions and the 5TH, 6TH and higher Spirit-Creativity-Energy dimensions. Our favorite is the 3RD.Everything is on this journey going through their stages, phases, and ages in constant transformation moving back to SOURCE. They (we) are all moving in the flow of the natural order of SOURCE whether we are connected to it, know it or not. Not knowing this keeps us passive and reactive. Knowing inspires (in-the-spirit) us to be active and be participating in FLOW and SOURCE. In so doing we can honor agreements made from our first to last breath.

The Sole purpose of having and attaining higher dimensions in this consciousness paradigm is the blessing of ease, freedom, peace and all other compatible flavors (Thought-Forms as words) that are naturally occurring in each level the universe presents. Embodying these thought forms induces integrity and wellness to our lives. The opposite of this is living in stress and dis-ease. With this ease comes a natural flow that comes from the ‘oneness’ of consciousness and the flow of a logical, intuitive and common sense understanding that comes with the effort invested.

Communication (sharing the WIKI) is the glue, the key ingredient that uses the ‘ether’ to keep us in the flow of the four canons of CONSCIOUSNESS which are Wisdom, Intelligence, Knowledge, and Information. Alignments follow natural laws, dynamic and symmetry principles. One example is the Seven Hermetic Principles. What does quantum physics say about these I wonder? This Hermetic Philosophy is based on the highest dimensions of CONSCIOUSNESS.

I THE PRINCIPLE OF MENTALISM: Everything is mental.                                                              II THE PRINCIPLE OF CORRESPONDENCE: As above so below.                                                    III. THE PRINCIPLE OF VIBRATION: Nothing rests.                                                                        IV. THE PRINCIPLE OF POLARITY: “everything is dual”; “everything has two poles”; “everything has its pair of opposites,” (We make choices based on our conditioning).              V THE PRINCIPLE OF RHYTHM: in everything, there is a measured motion, to and fro; an outflow and an inflow; a pendulum-like movement; a tide-like ebb and flow.                              VI THE PRINCIPLE OF CAUSE AND EFFECT: There is a Cause for every Effect; an Effect from every Cause. “Everything Happens according to (Natural) Law”; that nothing ever “merely happens”; there is no ‘Chance’;                                                                                            VII. THE PRINCIPLE OF GENDER: “Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes.

Polarity in-forms our mindset very early in the creative trans-form-ation process. Especially at the initial THOUGHT processed on all levels. There are physical thoughts, psychological thoughts and spiritual, creative and energetic or dynamic thoughts at work. A thought is an activation (DNA) code, written in the appropriate symbolic language of a particular dimension. Based on the motivation, curiosity and life force itself it is stimulated in its environment or dimensions with the ‘tools’ it is interpreted by in the space-time-energy continuum we resonate to. Cognition, feelings, and memory are some of the plethora of tools specifically designed for us to use.

The primary application of this activation and decoding of the stimuli is “POLARIZATION”. We gather, separate, sort and taxonomize; pressures, vibrations and flavors of ‘sense-data’ into interpretations relative (Einstein) to our experiences, memories and intuitions as we ‘mentally’ scan the familiarity or difference ‘gauges’ to define and encounter what we recognize as real or unreal and call this “knowing”. This is mechanical or artificial. True knowing is a lot more complex, with nuances, subtleties, periodicities, and energies completely off and beyond our three-dimensional horizons. The second stage in this process is Cision which leads to decision and choices. To act on the interpretation we must decide on the course of action to be taken. This is the prelude to making, forming, ART-iculating and expressing the Thought. If the product is a familiar one it can be enhanced and is not considered original. A product that does not appear on the memory and ‘familiar or different’ scanner that comes to us directly from SOURCE, is an invention and is called ‘original’. The taxonomy process builds a database that the enhancement and the invention are then expanded by.

It’s our turn to experience the reactivation of our DNA code to ART-iculate our own version and vision of our ‘Mayan story’ or that of any other previous ancestral civilization found in Earth’s history. There is much archeological evidence being revealed to support what we can now call ‘the dawn of our own paradigm’. Many of us are unaware of this monumental occasion. The 3-dimensional devotees are fighting against the natural laws of conscious evolution that are well on its way since 2012.  How much freedom do we have in defining this new era? Are the symbols, thought forms and concepts predetermined? Is the language of this new era open to interpretation? If so what contributions are we prepared to make to the continuity of humanity? It will behoove us to align with the universe. After all, it is ourselves we are aligning with.

What principles and habits do individuals need to align with this universal dynamic? Who or what forces are you allowing to define your LIFE and future? Reclaim your identity. Remake yourself and create your future. There is not another opportune moment like this coming anytime soon. ‘Carpe Nunc Momentum’!

Have we surrendered our creative power to systems that control every aspect of our lives while we keep pretending we are free? What’s your opinion of this dynamic and how are you dealing with taking action to express the creative gifts that by our presence, are all created to manifest and share with the world? Balancing the inner game with the rim world requires a level of mastery few are skilled at manifesting and sustaining. The threefold dynamic of the individual, the external environment or rim world and the eternal reflect the threefold symmetry of Body, Mind, and Spirit, that everything else adheres to. The body is taken care of by a skill that the mind manifests as the larger mission of service is delivered to others. These are the fields of ‘co-creation or occupation’ that keep us engaged as we give an account of ourselves.

We have a new quantum mythology to share changing myths about ourselves, the world our cultures and the hierarchy like the ‘first world paradigm’ of irresponsible and thoughtless consumption. Science tells us that matter and energy are the same. The thought that we are part of the ‘Oneness of Consciousness’ makes it clear to the reader that everything in our universe is definitely interconnected and shares (common) intelligence and information that we are connected to. SO when we waste or disrespect resources (Matt-er+En-ergy= Mattergy) we are impacting all energies we are linked to. We are a thread in the web of consciousness. What we do to the web, we do to ourselves.

If language is essential to this dialog our 3 dimensional poetic turns out to be very limited when used to bridge the understanding of higher dimensions. Every dimension is a universe of its own.  Technology and creativity expand our vocabulary and our consciousness.

Source is connected as a causal event in any dimension for the flow of information to be its effect. ‘SOURCE’ and CONNECTION are compounded to reflect the cause and effect relationship they share. The action and connection to source can be sustained with the mental or ideational construct of a ‘SOURCECTION’ dynamic. Compounding takes place in the ‘root order of priority’ where ‘source’ is more important than ‘connection’. The reaction is then the flow of information to create a ‘FLOWMATION’ dynamic. This encoding process possesses a linguistic economy that on further observation is the dynamic of the oneness of consciousness and the compounding of the singularity in the uni-verse (the one verse or expression form the ‘word’ in the big inning).

Is the quantum story our modern day recreation myth?

Dimensions of Consciousness are defined as Body, Mind, and Spirit.

I.MENTALISM Everything is mental we are what we think. Where we focus our attention is where our energy is. The ether is the medium we use to create and maintain our energy field. Mentalism is the true nature of BODY-matter, Creative energy: work power and Spiritual Energy. External reality is based on ‘thought form’ idea or concept.                     

In Quantum Physics mentalism suggests that the physical world can be described as patterns of potential connections among potential concentrations of particles and/or waves that might or might not be ART-iculated into form – depending upon the introduction of consciousness and gauge. The (spiritual) principle of mentalism puts consciousness over matter and energy. Mental substance applies to all planes of Consciousness or normal awareness, Sub-consciousness and infinite consciousness. 

Mental Alchemy: Changing and transforming one’s own mental states and conditions, as well as influencing those of others. It is the process of altering our thoughts and beliefs to expand the mind and therefore change our life. Doing this can produce instantaneous and beneficial results in your current life and provide you with tools to navigate it more effectively. As it turns out, it can be extremely challenging to change your beliefs, only because they are so difficult to identify. Here is why: BELIEFS are conditionings and frameworks we use to define our reality.

Beliefs are not truths. They operate at the subconscious and are very often in conflict with ‘conscious thoughts’. We see what we believe.

The brain doesn’t know the difference between what’s actually experienced and what’s imagined to be experienced. Regardless, the very same electrical patterns are fired between the neurons in the brain. The electrical patterns in the brain reflect how we store and process information, including our beliefs.

The impact of this is profound because now we know that we can change our beliefs, simply by using our imagination. It doesn’t matter whether the belief is true or not.                          II CORRESPONDENCE is the alignment dynamic that keeps the consciousness elevated.      III. VIBRATION is periodic motion (that creates pressure) that varies with speed that affects rigid or elastic BODIES or with MIND as an ENERGETIC medium forced from a SPACE or position or SPIRITUAL state of equilibrium or harmony. On all planes, qualities are manifested according to rates of vibration or frequency. Differences that create the “planes” arise from vibration.                                                                                                              IV POLARITY: POLARIZATION is a higher state of duals. It is where decisions are made in the process of ideation and conceptualization.                                                                      V RHYTHM: in everything, there is a measured motion, a to and fro; an outflow and an inflow; a pendulum-like movement; a tide-like ebb and flow with unlimited duration.      VI CAUSE AND EFFECT: Are intricately interconnected in compounded symbolic representations and thought forms.                                                                                              VII. GENDER: “Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes. There is a “Gender Physiology” in the process of Symmetry which is the behavior of parts that make things whole. They behave in correspondence with the thought dynamic. On the psychological plane, it describes the pattern of movement. On the spiritual plane male and female are harmonized as a dual dynamic. The self-dual Tetrahedron is the symbol for this process.







A Holistic approach to The New Paradigm vision we are unprepared for.

Is the status quo over-invested in business as usual? Can ‘design’ ever be the harbinger of everything we dream of that’s good for humanity? What is thinking? Firstly Design Thinking is the activator of consciousness through mentalism, one of the many principles involved in creation. Creation is art-ificial. It relies on normal awareness or consciousness. It is organic or natural and subconscious. The creation that is beyond us is divine and is infinite consciousness. This is the realm of divine intervention that’s epi-human.  Mentalism states that everything created or manifested is mental. Design thinking starts with variations or true innovation that leads to originality. For the most part design thinking is about working with what already exists and only parts assembly is needed. True innovation generated by intuition, dreams and other subconscious activity is another skill set. “Thought” needs a ‘processing language’ we call Design that is a multidimensional complex. The entire human being is such a complex onto itself. Humans have the greatest degrees of freedom and can activate or art-iculate the forms expressions in every time period. Through design, creation is facilitated by the individual and/or the collective ‘mind’ to identify and choose the proper (symmetry) alignment or the efficient ‘correspondence’ of solutions to need for the greater good.  There are other natural processes, laws and principles that apply to the holistic process of manifesting thought forms as the synthesis of ideation, conceptualization and Imagination to apply physical, mental, energetic and spiritual processes. The compound of “Design Thinking” can be extrapolated into many qualifiers. Design theory, design solution, design philosophy, design science, design engineering and many more iterations speak to the complexity involved in knowing and applying the periodicity involved. Each performs a task that gathers, identifies and sorts, organizes and taxonomizes, the manifestation of thoughts, resources, the tool and talents needed for creative processes to become viable ideas, concepts and solutions.

The polarity of Logic and emotion, rational and creative, human needs, wants and desires are driven by economic demands that are to be harmonized more so now than ever before between governments, their policies and systems and individuals if the cultural dialog is to be realized, sustained and engaging equitably. They cannot be imposed by “market force economies and systems. That is not their nature. All the forms of (Spiritual) value like morality, justice, human dignity and respect are involved in Design thinking. The safety, wellness and healing priorities are what creates the “GOOD” that keeps GOD in the mix. Design Thinking should be ‘reverse thought’ not engineered. Evaluating the full cycle of any good demands the periodic design thinking in retrospection to verify the sustainability of all solutions. The half cycled attitudes we adopt policies for ‘lifestyle creation and appeal” in our Designed product life cycles and other stress-inducing factors to prevent us from cultivating the individual habits of holistic thought optimized design solutions can deliver. If you call a situation a “problems” it is not simple. There is a bigger challenge fixing known solutions especially when they are obsolete unless we were seeking a novel or innovative way of solving the problem with a different desired goal than the typically available solutions.

Redefining value: when paradigms shift values thought processes and consciousness evolves. Time cycles they occur in demand truer commitments to long-range thinking and not the half cycled, non-holistic processes most systems and economies use today.

Human-centred innovation: speaks to the establishment and incorporation of ‘people’ values based on truths that shift when paradigms change. Offering solutions to the bigger picture of humanity is defined as ‘wants’ for material things. These are ‘things’ we generally can do without. Support for emotional and psychological needs can be constructive or destructive. These can sustain growth or destroy life. Desires when aligned with higher values and purpose respect all life and does service to it for the greater good.

Quality of life: self-realization that can positively impact communities for all to seek and find their life’s purpose must be supported by the corresponding lifestyle that causes the quality to emerge or be created by the individual and the community.

Problems affecting diverse groups of people: the new paradigm shift is based on a major tenet of oneness and consciousness implying connectivity to all things made of the same energies and matter reversibly. From this perspective, the commonness of our humanity can cause us to appreciate of diversity and seek more values in otherness and difference.

Involves multiple systems: the design thinking process is becoming increasingly more complex.  The further we go into the nature of thinks the more information we generate. Our tools for managing the data grow in capacity or space but are still incapable of processing the subtler energies and dynamics beyond the physical and mechanical or even spatial realms. The new paradigm will be able to present some of the fidelity needed when we attain higher consciousness and skills to align with it.

Shifting markets and behaviors: is a reflection of shifting paradigms or worldviews. People make choices about conditions and things they want, need and desire in their lives. The push-pull dynamic of markets and habits (conditioned or self-realized and nurtured holistically) requires a delicate balance generally handled by conscious thought in all the realms that support the person, the community and their visions and purpose.

Coping with rapid social or market changes; lifestyle creation and appeal is the domain of the designer visionary or thinker who interprets the vision that aligns with the social movements taking place physically, psychologically and spiritually. The shift in and of is for consciousness to be internalized and actualized to improve life. Rapid refers to relative time, space and energy variations and accelerations that seem to be the product of a mind that is in harmony or dissonance. The racecar driver operates in two distinct paradigms; the race track and the public roadways. If he switches his mindset he might create chaos. Speeding to the hospital for his newborn to be delivered gets him a pass. The concept of hast makes waste is a hidden factor in this socio, political, creative dynamic we do not manage well.

Issues relating to corporate culture: meaningful collaboration, community and the greater good for all who are engaged in it is a start for looking at culture as the synthesis of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Issues relating to new technology; knowledge is eternal how we transform it to do good, is either art, science or a blend of both. Every creative action relies on a known methodology.

Re-inventing business models: are models really ‘invented’? They are holistic and do not need trial and error to be true inventions. A business is an agreement to deliver goodness to those who need it and will respond with gratitude using their hard-earned cash. Breaking that promise is criminal. Divine law dispenses justice.

Addressing rapid changes in society: hurry dogs eat raw meat. Hast makes waste. When the dark clouds appear, and they do, there will be a golden lining behind it.

Complex unsolved societal challenges; hate that’s perpetuated by unconscious people.

Scenarios involving multidisciplinary teams: Conscious people who share a common vision and are on purpose moving in harmony keeping it positive and focused.

Entrepreneurial initiatives; Change the root of the word to ART-trepreneurial and empower yourself and be self-realized (not self-made).

Educational advances: New working models for learning exist. The new paradigm brings much opportunity for us to earn about ourselves and the world as it transforms us and itself to higher dimensions. Be in tune, be silent. Ask the right questions; meditate-the answers will come.

Medical breakthroughs: Physician heal thyself. Mental healing is part of the epigenetic consciousness movement toward wellness and ‘ease’.

Inspiration is needed: look at the word this way in-spirit-motion. In spirit, there is motion and action.

Problems that data can’t solve: recognizing consciousness shifts and paradigm changes are not televised. Matters of self, have been surrendered to marketers in all aspects of life it seems. Taking back control and empowering is the “SOUL” self-concept needed.