The Mind-Time Epochal Battles

The battle of GOOD vs EVIL is fought on every dimension of life and the glue we call humanity.
The left brain right brain duality without the possibility of synthesis is polarizing and alienating. What comes from mind of this orientation is its flavor. Harmony is the only way out! Extracting and simulating organic behavior with alien languages, symbols and expressions remain alien unless a deeper encoding is possible. One that modulates between dimensions with variable number bases; not stuck in binary mode alone! Situational variability is natural. Nature operates within well described environments and states by being transformed in a simultaneity that our brain can not cope with.

2017; the epochal-mark for establishing and embracing “The New Paradigm” over the “Old Paradigm”. The NP offers a convergence, a synthesis of the East-West dichotomies of Metaphysics and quantum theory. The global myth that maintains isolation as a selective convenience or tool for ‘divide and conquer’ and deception we struggle with, internally and externally, is no longer sustainable. The entire planet is in pain the paradigm is a path to pleasure true healing through oneness for and awakened consciousness. Yesterday’s mysteries are new theories unfolding with an awakened Wisdom, Intelligence Knowledge and Information (WIKI) in the ever expanding consciousness of our space time and energy continuum. The question is; is the ‘WIKI’ artificial or should it be ‘WINKI’ with the N for being natural?

Why is this important? Instead of panicking and being anxious about the popularizing of disruption by the gloom and doom messengers, a healthy perspective that is courageous and creative is a much more reasonable alternative. The “industrial complex“; emerging from this fear mongering is totally void of vision when compared to all the positive opportunities now available in our midst. “Tales of Duality”; of space, time and energy, especially with creative or spiritual (being the same) can be harmonized with creative effort and intelligence. Where is the LOVE? Change is the most natural attribute of and in our lives. The “False Evidence Appearing to be Real” is; illusion. (The ill use of our brain)

THOUGHT, the finest fuel most (misunderstand) and minimized or confused as ‘chatter for chattle’, is the most trivial connection we have to any and all forms of dealing with the essential quantitative and qualitative ‘reckoning’ that our ego and rational minds use to measure value and our score keeping. It en-gauges a more holistic and synthesizing potential (if we are open to connecting to SOURCE). It leads to a sense of ONENESS that most find difficult to embrace as our true physio, psycho, energy (called spiritual) dynamic we are always seeking to codify as we satisfy our ‘egos and shegos’.

 Where is the SOURCE of the inventions geniuses tap into and give to the world? They transcend the score keeping and widget-making, thingificating, ‘education’ we now have that avoids wisdom and common sense in its tenets. We are in a dimensional misaligned sub-consciousness space, time, energy warp, incapable of elevating to self-realization, with our potential stuck in counting stuff mode, to keep score of status and other success gauges. Freedom comes in many forms. The Thought-Heart form is the most precious of them all. It’s creative. It inspires (in the spirit) and influences (causing us to soars above) all other denser more painful types. If we think of removing material rewards from the equation, would we still be passionate about what we do? This thought experiment might just be the only measure-meant for true meaning, Forget about purpose the lost and last state of mind that the next frontier.

There is a transmutation in the works here that is natural and effortless. It’s a thought-less awareness that needs no thing, no place, no feelings and no ‘monkey speak’. Tune in and be in the new paradigm “Riddim”. Where it’s at is deep within!  The irony of this ‘FREEDOM FINDING’ is an undoing of all conditioning, from the physical, the mental or psychological and the creative or spiritual. It starts with the desire (the focused and directed thought and feeling) to be FREE.  The feeling is the attention or the awareness. Anywhere that feeling is (directed) the creative energy will  appear. With the proper alignments and forces all in equilibrium matter is ‘formed’ with all its information in proper symmetry or order and in harmony..              From ideation to formation, manifestation follows.           

Happy New Year!


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