Are we aware of the new age that’s upon us?

2017 will be a year of intense disruptions and transformations.

This ‘paradigm shift’ will force us to align with principles and and skills to bring a new consciousness, replete with creative opportunities, for true innovations and solutions. The radical mindset shift will allow us to embrace this ‘elevation of consciousness’ and our understanding of how we grow more compassionate and creative. With purpose and vision we will collectively ART-iculate new aesthetic expressions for the good of all.

The cycles, of this much needed evolution, are historically documented. They occur in all disciplines responsible for creating the life support systems the world depends on for human growth and spiritual development. ‘Design’ is one of the major disciplines we need to focus on more acutely for the manifestation of new realities that this time will be identified and represented by historically. We all need to find our voice and join the choir.


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