In the USA, the study of Architecture comes under the auspices of a “Cultural Education”. The same holds for the arts and humanities in general and all creative disciplines. The word “culture” is most commonly used in three basic senses: Architecture is a ubiquitous model for technology.

  • excellence of taste (an 18th Ctry idea) in the fine arts and humanities
  • an integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief, and behavior that depends upon the capacity for symbolic thought and social learning
  • the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution, organization or group. We look closer at their characteristics later.

These “expressions, used as definitions, represent the fallout after Culture is conceived not its root let alone seed. Culture, in the infinite garden of infinite consciousness starts with thought. The seed, with its DNA is planted in an environment that is conducive to its roots from which its growth is nurtured. The limbs, branches and leaves are the stable elements that in turn go through the cycles to flower and bear fruit. Cultures for us are fruit. They do not deal with the causes of Culture. Their agents and artists do not know the rules of the game and are therefore unable to anticipate change, plan or create meaningful change.

By this ‘tree’ metaphor the infinite consciousness is the universe; the grand thought or source of ALL past, present and future. The seed is the transitional wave-particle that makes the abstract real’ penetrating the veil ‘of manifestation. This seed might be in the collective subconscious-ness. The parts of the tree we see are in normal awareness or consciousness. Super-consciousness are the flowers, buds and fruit. For those advocates of complexity; “trees that are very vigorous, whether due to pruning or over-fertilization, form fewer flowers”. Culture is our tree; a much deeper phenomenon, presented to us by ancient wisdom traditions and civilizations we seem to not know or care about.

Culture is the synthesis of Body; physiology, Mind; psychology and mentalism with Spirit as thought and energy. It relates to the Physical world and all it is made of and its spaces and structures. The Emotional and Mental qualities determine our behavior which includes our creativity and technology. The Energy aspects of thought in all its forms of consciousness and its expressions reflect the oneness of ALL. These are essential to all human development. We live our lives constantly making connections through these dimensions of consciousness Source only to return with some form of added values we have acquired on our visit.

The journey is in intense transformation mode now for at least 50, or more, years. Paradigms are shifting technologies are disrupting all vibrations across the dimensions of consciousness. Like our tree model shows the fruit is strange. Few know how to make it familiar. Every conditioned aspect of our body, mind and creative spirit is affected and we are affecting the world by not embracing constructive change. All our life support systems are being stressed from the resistance to the natural creative processes of evolution and growth. Causes of constructive or destructive change, are revolutions. When they are subtle and powerful they are disruptions of many kinds. 

Professions mirror and should basically prepare us for change. The changes in technology, in the widget making mentality’ can never be relevant when there are radical transformations that cause major disruptions.  We are moved in immediacy not long term visioneering from self-sufficiency to dependency on those who create our life support systems under the guise or disguise of progress, modernity and unsustainable, obsolete values. When we reach such barriers to creative freedom we must change our personal views of who we are, plan who we want to be on a course of education with our personal world view or paradigm for, the sake of, the culture, community and family to LIVE our lives in harmony. If we have to define ‘harmony’ chances are we do not have it. It is. I am, and that’s all that matters. No interference, perseverance and focus on true meaning is purpose. 


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