Consciousness and Change

Body, Mind and Spirit are the three fundamental “dimensions of consciousness”. The brain, our DNA, the central nervous and endocrine system with the subtle systems or the electro-magnetic energy field known to oriental cultures as the aura, specifically the Hindu tradition where the Kundalini and the seven (7) Chakras transform impulses and sense data, by transduction to produce electrical energy that is essential to the formation of intelligent information generated from ‘The Source’ known by many names. The most inclusive of them all is consciousness. Consciousness is a triadic harmonic ubiquitous force that breaks down into three distinct qualities of expression of Body, Mind and Spirit. The three qualities permeate all expressions, energies and living forms. Body, known as physical is the normal awareness of consciousness. Mind known as psychological is the subconscious form and Spirit is the creative force that is the superconscious source of the ALL of ALL. When these three dimensions are harmonized they form a transcendental dynamic or AKASHA. It is past, present and future ‘awareness’ all in one.

Focusing on physicality gives us a material science we have used as the foundation for western societies. Mind has a behavioral science. Spirit has a creative and energy science related to power which deals with work and thought; the highest form of fuel known to all forms of expression and the dynamic we know as life. Within each dimension the triadic qualities operate as a holographic dynamic to form an interactive matrix that expresses five of the seven qualitative expressions of CONSCIOUSNESS. Two of them are rarified; five are gross or dense.

The ethers of the protoplast, the earth, the plant, the beast and man represent the physical or one third of reality. From the highest vibration of rare quality these flavors of conscious thought eventually coalesce into dense matter. The mind; its psychological and emotional principles are even less understood. Spiritual awareness, knowledge and experiences are very often viewed in the context of religious dogma and rituals, not as the metaphysical or spiritual science discipline that is more open and able to afford much deeper levels of understanding of spirituality. This produces a unique and independent body of knowledge that has nothing to do with religion. The principles of religion deal with personal and institutional beliefs that may have its roots in attitudes of restraint and control. Spirituality on the other hand is a universal dynamic rooted in the exponentially higher dimensions of super-consciousness and true freedom.

What compounds and confounds the issue is our definition of energy also. Energy is an integral and holistic aspect of consciousness. Space and Time are the other two. Energy is pure thought. Space is pure extension and Time; pure duration. Thought is the highest level of consciousness that embraces the base levels of power or gross forms of electricity and mechanical power for work. Man, Nature and the Universe all rely on various forms of energy; again along the spectrum of vibrations of conscious thoughts. The basic fuel of them all is thought. The expressions that make up the entire spectrum is the thought process of super consciousness within which all the sub levels of the continuity of expressions form a matrix that continues to expand through its own Space, Time and Energy continuum.

MAN living without celestial alignments creates a false sense of self that leads to ‘SELF’ corruption not realization. On all levels, connections are paramount.

My Christmas 2016 Message to the world. With the coming of Christ to the earth human beings were given the most precious gift of all. A gift that was meant to demonstrate how people could actualize or restore their highest spiritual life using the power of love to attain the rightful and latent spiritual state of super consciousness programmed into what we now know as our DNA. Is our DNA our soul or is it a part of it? The moniker ‘Christ’ is the Holy Spiritual or super-consciousness that is part of the Triune GOD; composed of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. These are the three pervading dimensions of Consciousness that are manifested on all planes and vibrations of life including the earth realm.

Various forms of scripture, metaphysics and cultural history demonstrate how individuals were meant to achieve their ‘Christ Consciousness’. Some are more familiar to us. There are others that have been ‘hidden’. ‘The Christ’ is known as ‘the third level man. The major confusion lies in the dialectic of the terms associated with Jesus, Jesus Christ and the moniker Jesus ‘The Christ’. Jesus is the birth name. Jesus Christ is the spiritual transformation of the man Jesus. Jesus ‘The Christ’ is the third level spirit that evolved to the highest level of manifestation ever of GOD on earth as the third element of Holy Spirit of the Triune God. This transformation was attained after the initiation of Jesus in the wisdom tradition of Egypt where the Title ‘The Christ’ was granted after a series of tests performed by the temple priests. We seem not to make any of these critical distinctions with these definitions and have settled for the physical ‘Jesus Christ’ the man. In one of the sources used here; The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus ‘The Christ’, Jesus clearly instructs us that the ‘mortal path’ or man’s physical interpretation of Jesus Christ of the flesh was not the model man to be worshiped externally or from outside of us. This is the model we implemented and have followed ever since. The ability to rely on our internal and individual potential not only spiritually but on all aspects of our lives has been severely compromised and debilitated. We are more dependent on external forces for our survival than on our own internal and spiritual connections that allow us to access the transformative knowledge and wisdom we need.

There were evidently socio-political and religious choices made over time, perhaps by ignorance or by deliberate manipulation for power and control. This limits our capacity for every soul to achieve not only the fullest spiritual potential but the physical and psychological as well.  It would be in the interest of early leaders in all spheres of influence that shaped human lives and the affairs of how they could be directed and controlled to use this as the most profound type of manipulation in a world that would condition peoples’ minds to serve the leadership’s interest. By controlling and misrepresenting the promises of the inevitable and emerging Aquarian Age as it unfolds we continue to miss opportunities to create a harmonious and equitable spiritual order for the planet’s survival and man’s salvation. The Christ Consciousness was meant to create freedom, peace and a very different reality that would be more harmonized than the materialistic centered egotistical based reality we have all bought into.


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