FREEDOM in Transformation:

FREEDOM in Transformation:                                                                        Copyright 12. 3. 16

The World’s Leading Entrepreneurs and Professionals have missed the secret of true freedom. Freedom is physical or material. It is emotional and spiritual or creative not to be confused with religion. Even though we think that ART (The Ability to Restate Truth) is creative and central to all healing which is spiritual, we get lost in the materialism and ‘thingification’ greed, status and egotism. It is the commodification or transformation of goods, services, ideas and people into commodities (slavery). We and our talents become objects of trade. ‘ART’ here refers to the term used by the US Patent and Trademark Office as well. This is the most inclusive definition of all. Stated another way it says ‘Everything is Art’.

There is another transformation we need to know about. One that comes from the Heart and Soul to transform life, health and the creative support of ourselves, our families through how we express our needs, desires and dreams or our disciplines. It is the complement of the physical things we use. They are all connected to source from where we are given the “spiritual Freedom” to ‘design’ our destiny in keeping with natural law. Along with this gift comes all the necessary ingredients to create and maintain our connections to what gives us life and continues to support it. We reciprocate with the expressions we create and share to keep the environment in harmony. Call it ‘SOURCE’ whatever politically or socially correct moniker you choose to avoid unpleasantness and quietly keep adding to your ‘guilt account’. “Himherit” is a safe term I have coined. It’s the compounded ‘third person pronouns’ with all genders intact. This is where all information comes from. Western science and oriental wisdom traditions are in intersection now sharing the common truth about how the world truly works. It’s all moving into ‘oneness or singularity’ and is supported by maxims, quantum theories and thought experiments that are challenging our sanity.

Art has always been the level playing field for this balancing act we are caught in again as we               enter a new age of transformation. Ask Leonard Da Vinci. This epochal change is much more intense than many others history tells us about. The major factor being the pace at which it is moving now and our inability for the general population to keep up with it. What’s true about it is that it is inevitable and it is what we all have dreamt of or have asked for. The shifts are always cultural in their ultimate extrapolations of physical, psychological and spiritual expressions. Though ushered in under the guise of technology, new matter and ‘making’ methods, they all are synthesized into an expression of oneness or ‘consciousness’ that is different aesthetically in form with new meanings that depart, to different degrees, from the past. We have the opportunity to save our ‘ass-ets’ again. By embracing change, confronting fear and uncertainty, tapping into ourselves to find courage, trust and confidence through our creative assets and talents. We bring them all to our ‘communal table’ and assess our situation, set goals. We identify what we have, what’s needed, who has what and where to find what’s missing for the feast to be created, shared and enjoyed. The myth of individuality is dead. In the new transformation age community is alive. The scope and intensity of the challenges demand shared everything, by everyone from everywhere working to-get-her. The ‘her’ here is Mother nature Mother Earth, Earth Mothers and to Matter with its hidden links to all mothers. Is this nature, the one we conquered and defeated with synthetic solutions that kill instead of heal us?


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