The Mind-Time Epochal Battles

The battle of GOOD vs EVIL is fought on every dimension of life and the glue we call humanity.
The left brain right brain duality without the possibility of synthesis is polarizing and alienating. What comes from mind of this orientation is its flavor. Harmony is the only way out! Extracting and simulating organic behavior with alien languages, symbols and expressions remain alien unless a deeper encoding is possible. One that modulates between dimensions with variable number bases; not stuck in binary mode alone! Situational variability is natural. Nature operates within well described environments and states by being transformed in a simultaneity that our brain can not cope with.

2017; the epochal-mark for establishing and embracing “The New Paradigm” over the “Old Paradigm”. The NP offers a convergence, a synthesis of the East-West dichotomies of Metaphysics and quantum theory. The global myth that maintains isolation as a selective convenience or tool for ‘divide and conquer’ and deception we struggle with, internally and externally, is no longer sustainable. The entire planet is in pain the paradigm is a path to pleasure true healing through oneness for and awakened consciousness. Yesterday’s mysteries are new theories unfolding with an awakened Wisdom, Intelligence Knowledge and Information (WIKI) in the ever expanding consciousness of our space time and energy continuum. The question is; is the ‘WIKI’ artificial or should it be ‘WINKI’ with the N for being natural?

Why is this important? Instead of panicking and being anxious about the popularizing of disruption by the gloom and doom messengers, a healthy perspective that is courageous and creative is a much more reasonable alternative. The “industrial complex“; emerging from this fear mongering is totally void of vision when compared to all the positive opportunities now available in our midst. “Tales of Duality”; of space, time and energy, especially with creative or spiritual (being the same) can be harmonized with creative effort and intelligence. Where is the LOVE? Change is the most natural attribute of and in our lives. The “False Evidence Appearing to be Real” is; illusion. (The ill use of our brain)

THOUGHT, the finest fuel most (misunderstand) and minimized or confused as ‘chatter for chattle’, is the most trivial connection we have to any and all forms of dealing with the essential quantitative and qualitative ‘reckoning’ that our ego and rational minds use to measure value and our score keeping. It en-gauges a more holistic and synthesizing potential (if we are open to connecting to SOURCE). It leads to a sense of ONENESS that most find difficult to embrace as our true physio, psycho, energy (called spiritual) dynamic we are always seeking to codify as we satisfy our ‘egos and shegos’.

 Where is the SOURCE of the inventions geniuses tap into and give to the world? They transcend the score keeping and widget-making, thingificating, ‘education’ we now have that avoids wisdom and common sense in its tenets. We are in a dimensional misaligned sub-consciousness space, time, energy warp, incapable of elevating to self-realization, with our potential stuck in counting stuff mode, to keep score of status and other success gauges. Freedom comes in many forms. The Thought-Heart form is the most precious of them all. It’s creative. It inspires (in the spirit) and influences (causing us to soars above) all other denser more painful types. If we think of removing material rewards from the equation, would we still be passionate about what we do? This thought experiment might just be the only measure-meant for true meaning, Forget about purpose the lost and last state of mind that the next frontier.

There is a transmutation in the works here that is natural and effortless. It’s a thought-less awareness that needs no thing, no place, no feelings and no ‘monkey speak’. Tune in and be in the new paradigm “Riddim”. Where it’s at is deep within!  The irony of this ‘FREEDOM FINDING’ is an undoing of all conditioning, from the physical, the mental or psychological and the creative or spiritual. It starts with the desire (the focused and directed thought and feeling) to be FREE.  The feeling is the attention or the awareness. Anywhere that feeling is (directed) the creative energy will  appear. With the proper alignments and forces all in equilibrium matter is ‘formed’ with all its information in proper symmetry or order and in harmony..              From ideation to formation, manifestation follows.           

Happy New Year!


Are we aware of the new age that’s upon us?

2017 will be a year of intense disruptions and transformations.

This ‘paradigm shift’ will force us to align with principles and and skills to bring a new consciousness, replete with creative opportunities, for true innovations and solutions. The radical mindset shift will allow us to embrace this ‘elevation of consciousness’ and our understanding of how we grow more compassionate and creative. With purpose and vision we will collectively ART-iculate new aesthetic expressions for the good of all.

The cycles, of this much needed evolution, are historically documented. They occur in all disciplines responsible for creating the life support systems the world depends on for human growth and spiritual development. ‘Design’ is one of the major disciplines we need to focus on more acutely for the manifestation of new realities that this time will be identified and represented by historically. We all need to find our voice and join the choir. in 2016: A Year in Review

Few freedoms are as vital to human development as creativity, self expression and effective communication. WP has the winning trifecta!

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In the USA, the study of Architecture comes under the auspices of a “Cultural Education”. The same holds for the arts and humanities in general and all creative disciplines. The word “culture” is most commonly used in three basic senses: Architecture is a ubiquitous model for technology.

  • excellence of taste (an 18th Ctry idea) in the fine arts and humanities
  • an integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief, and behavior that depends upon the capacity for symbolic thought and social learning
  • the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution, organization or group. We look closer at their characteristics later.

These “expressions, used as definitions, represent the fallout after Culture is conceived not its root let alone seed. Culture, in the infinite garden of infinite consciousness starts with thought. The seed, with its DNA is planted in an environment that is conducive to its roots from which its growth is nurtured. The limbs, branches and leaves are the stable elements that in turn go through the cycles to flower and bear fruit. Cultures for us are fruit. They do not deal with the causes of Culture. Their agents and artists do not know the rules of the game and are therefore unable to anticipate change, plan or create meaningful change.

By this ‘tree’ metaphor the infinite consciousness is the universe; the grand thought or source of ALL past, present and future. The seed is the transitional wave-particle that makes the abstract real’ penetrating the veil ‘of manifestation. This seed might be in the collective subconscious-ness. The parts of the tree we see are in normal awareness or consciousness. Super-consciousness are the flowers, buds and fruit. For those advocates of complexity; “trees that are very vigorous, whether due to pruning or over-fertilization, form fewer flowers”. Culture is our tree; a much deeper phenomenon, presented to us by ancient wisdom traditions and civilizations we seem to not know or care about.

Culture is the synthesis of Body; physiology, Mind; psychology and mentalism with Spirit as thought and energy. It relates to the Physical world and all it is made of and its spaces and structures. The Emotional and Mental qualities determine our behavior which includes our creativity and technology. The Energy aspects of thought in all its forms of consciousness and its expressions reflect the oneness of ALL. These are essential to all human development. We live our lives constantly making connections through these dimensions of consciousness Source only to return with some form of added values we have acquired on our visit.

The journey is in intense transformation mode now for at least 50, or more, years. Paradigms are shifting technologies are disrupting all vibrations across the dimensions of consciousness. Like our tree model shows the fruit is strange. Few know how to make it familiar. Every conditioned aspect of our body, mind and creative spirit is affected and we are affecting the world by not embracing constructive change. All our life support systems are being stressed from the resistance to the natural creative processes of evolution and growth. Causes of constructive or destructive change, are revolutions. When they are subtle and powerful they are disruptions of many kinds. 

Professions mirror and should basically prepare us for change. The changes in technology, in the widget making mentality’ can never be relevant when there are radical transformations that cause major disruptions.  We are moved in immediacy not long term visioneering from self-sufficiency to dependency on those who create our life support systems under the guise or disguise of progress, modernity and unsustainable, obsolete values. When we reach such barriers to creative freedom we must change our personal views of who we are, plan who we want to be on a course of education with our personal world view or paradigm for, the sake of, the culture, community and family to LIVE our lives in harmony. If we have to define ‘harmony’ chances are we do not have it. It is. I am, and that’s all that matters. No interference, perseverance and focus on true meaning is purpose. 

Consciousness and Change

Body, Mind and Spirit are the three fundamental “dimensions of consciousness”. The brain, our DNA, the central nervous and endocrine system with the subtle systems or the electro-magnetic energy field known to oriental cultures as the aura, specifically the Hindu tradition where the Kundalini and the seven (7) Chakras transform impulses and sense data, by transduction to produce electrical energy that is essential to the formation of intelligent information generated from ‘The Source’ known by many names. The most inclusive of them all is consciousness. Consciousness is a triadic harmonic ubiquitous force that breaks down into three distinct qualities of expression of Body, Mind and Spirit. The three qualities permeate all expressions, energies and living forms. Body, known as physical is the normal awareness of consciousness. Mind known as psychological is the subconscious form and Spirit is the creative force that is the superconscious source of the ALL of ALL. When these three dimensions are harmonized they form a transcendental dynamic or AKASHA. It is past, present and future ‘awareness’ all in one.

Focusing on physicality gives us a material science we have used as the foundation for western societies. Mind has a behavioral science. Spirit has a creative and energy science related to power which deals with work and thought; the highest form of fuel known to all forms of expression and the dynamic we know as life. Within each dimension the triadic qualities operate as a holographic dynamic to form an interactive matrix that expresses five of the seven qualitative expressions of CONSCIOUSNESS. Two of them are rarified; five are gross or dense.

The ethers of the protoplast, the earth, the plant, the beast and man represent the physical or one third of reality. From the highest vibration of rare quality these flavors of conscious thought eventually coalesce into dense matter. The mind; its psychological and emotional principles are even less understood. Spiritual awareness, knowledge and experiences are very often viewed in the context of religious dogma and rituals, not as the metaphysical or spiritual science discipline that is more open and able to afford much deeper levels of understanding of spirituality. This produces a unique and independent body of knowledge that has nothing to do with religion. The principles of religion deal with personal and institutional beliefs that may have its roots in attitudes of restraint and control. Spirituality on the other hand is a universal dynamic rooted in the exponentially higher dimensions of super-consciousness and true freedom.

What compounds and confounds the issue is our definition of energy also. Energy is an integral and holistic aspect of consciousness. Space and Time are the other two. Energy is pure thought. Space is pure extension and Time; pure duration. Thought is the highest level of consciousness that embraces the base levels of power or gross forms of electricity and mechanical power for work. Man, Nature and the Universe all rely on various forms of energy; again along the spectrum of vibrations of conscious thoughts. The basic fuel of them all is thought. The expressions that make up the entire spectrum is the thought process of super consciousness within which all the sub levels of the continuity of expressions form a matrix that continues to expand through its own Space, Time and Energy continuum.

MAN living without celestial alignments creates a false sense of self that leads to ‘SELF’ corruption not realization. On all levels, connections are paramount.

My Christmas 2016 Message to the world. With the coming of Christ to the earth human beings were given the most precious gift of all. A gift that was meant to demonstrate how people could actualize or restore their highest spiritual life using the power of love to attain the rightful and latent spiritual state of super consciousness programmed into what we now know as our DNA. Is our DNA our soul or is it a part of it? The moniker ‘Christ’ is the Holy Spiritual or super-consciousness that is part of the Triune GOD; composed of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. These are the three pervading dimensions of Consciousness that are manifested on all planes and vibrations of life including the earth realm.

Various forms of scripture, metaphysics and cultural history demonstrate how individuals were meant to achieve their ‘Christ Consciousness’. Some are more familiar to us. There are others that have been ‘hidden’. ‘The Christ’ is known as ‘the third level man. The major confusion lies in the dialectic of the terms associated with Jesus, Jesus Christ and the moniker Jesus ‘The Christ’. Jesus is the birth name. Jesus Christ is the spiritual transformation of the man Jesus. Jesus ‘The Christ’ is the third level spirit that evolved to the highest level of manifestation ever of GOD on earth as the third element of Holy Spirit of the Triune God. This transformation was attained after the initiation of Jesus in the wisdom tradition of Egypt where the Title ‘The Christ’ was granted after a series of tests performed by the temple priests. We seem not to make any of these critical distinctions with these definitions and have settled for the physical ‘Jesus Christ’ the man. In one of the sources used here; The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus ‘The Christ’, Jesus clearly instructs us that the ‘mortal path’ or man’s physical interpretation of Jesus Christ of the flesh was not the model man to be worshiped externally or from outside of us. This is the model we implemented and have followed ever since. The ability to rely on our internal and individual potential not only spiritually but on all aspects of our lives has been severely compromised and debilitated. We are more dependent on external forces for our survival than on our own internal and spiritual connections that allow us to access the transformative knowledge and wisdom we need.

There were evidently socio-political and religious choices made over time, perhaps by ignorance or by deliberate manipulation for power and control. This limits our capacity for every soul to achieve not only the fullest spiritual potential but the physical and psychological as well.  It would be in the interest of early leaders in all spheres of influence that shaped human lives and the affairs of how they could be directed and controlled to use this as the most profound type of manipulation in a world that would condition peoples’ minds to serve the leadership’s interest. By controlling and misrepresenting the promises of the inevitable and emerging Aquarian Age as it unfolds we continue to miss opportunities to create a harmonious and equitable spiritual order for the planet’s survival and man’s salvation. The Christ Consciousness was meant to create freedom, peace and a very different reality that would be more harmonized than the materialistic centered egotistical based reality we have all bought into.

FREEDOM in Transformation:

FREEDOM in Transformation:                                                                        Copyright 12. 3. 16

The World’s Leading Entrepreneurs and Professionals have missed the secret of true freedom. Freedom is physical or material. It is emotional and spiritual or creative not to be confused with religion. Even though we think that ART (The Ability to Restate Truth) is creative and central to all healing which is spiritual, we get lost in the materialism and ‘thingification’ greed, status and egotism. It is the commodification or transformation of goods, services, ideas and people into commodities (slavery). We and our talents become objects of trade. ‘ART’ here refers to the term used by the US Patent and Trademark Office as well. This is the most inclusive definition of all. Stated another way it says ‘Everything is Art’.

There is another transformation we need to know about. One that comes from the Heart and Soul to transform life, health and the creative support of ourselves, our families through how we express our needs, desires and dreams or our disciplines. It is the complement of the physical things we use. They are all connected to source from where we are given the “spiritual Freedom” to ‘design’ our destiny in keeping with natural law. Along with this gift comes all the necessary ingredients to create and maintain our connections to what gives us life and continues to support it. We reciprocate with the expressions we create and share to keep the environment in harmony. Call it ‘SOURCE’ whatever politically or socially correct moniker you choose to avoid unpleasantness and quietly keep adding to your ‘guilt account’. “Himherit” is a safe term I have coined. It’s the compounded ‘third person pronouns’ with all genders intact. This is where all information comes from. Western science and oriental wisdom traditions are in intersection now sharing the common truth about how the world truly works. It’s all moving into ‘oneness or singularity’ and is supported by maxims, quantum theories and thought experiments that are challenging our sanity.

Art has always been the level playing field for this balancing act we are caught in again as we               enter a new age of transformation. Ask Leonard Da Vinci. This epochal change is much more intense than many others history tells us about. The major factor being the pace at which it is moving now and our inability for the general population to keep up with it. What’s true about it is that it is inevitable and it is what we all have dreamt of or have asked for. The shifts are always cultural in their ultimate extrapolations of physical, psychological and spiritual expressions. Though ushered in under the guise of technology, new matter and ‘making’ methods, they all are synthesized into an expression of oneness or ‘consciousness’ that is different aesthetically in form with new meanings that depart, to different degrees, from the past. We have the opportunity to save our ‘ass-ets’ again. By embracing change, confronting fear and uncertainty, tapping into ourselves to find courage, trust and confidence through our creative assets and talents. We bring them all to our ‘communal table’ and assess our situation, set goals. We identify what we have, what’s needed, who has what and where to find what’s missing for the feast to be created, shared and enjoyed. The myth of individuality is dead. In the new transformation age community is alive. The scope and intensity of the challenges demand shared everything, by everyone from everywhere working to-get-her. The ‘her’ here is Mother nature Mother Earth, Earth Mothers and to Matter with its hidden links to all mothers. Is this nature, the one we conquered and defeated with synthetic solutions that kill instead of heal us?