BIG DATA: How big is it?

All phenomena have complimentary dimensions and aspects to them. Its a natural law of opposites. There is back and white, up and down, yes and no etc. what would be the complement of Big Data? What is “Data” actually? How does organic wisdom, thoughts and feelings, intelligence and consciousness we express and need to satisfy our selves with fit into this Big Data business?


So finally I’ll be writing something I came here for. Something related to IT/Technology/Computing, something which is a buzzword in the IT industry nowadays “Big Data” (although the concept came around in 2012 or so). Now, if have heard about it and knows exactly what it is – great you are up to date when it comes to technology, but if you haven’t don’t worry I’ll tell what it is. And believe me I’m going to put in the most understandable way, so if you are not from the IT background you might be able to understand what exactly it is.

It is used to describe a massive volume of data that is so large it is difficult to process it, using the traditional database and software techniques.

big-data-word-cloud(Image source:
In other words to maintain the data this huge it is really difficult for the present software and databases to do so. i.e. the…

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One thought on “BIG DATA: How big is it?

  1. Hi there,
    I loved the fact that you went through the post and posed a question. I agree with you about the “Natural Law of Opposites”. As you have asked about the complement of Big Data… why worry about that now… think “BIG DATA” as complementary to today’s data need. We as whole is a growing civilization, which further results into new ideas and thoughts. As for data definition, now it has moved to an upper level, it is not just something like numbers, figures or stats, now data comprises of your videos, songs, even ur littlest comments. As for this as a business I’m really sorry to say that it wont be available for us i.e. for commercial use, for next 5-7 years as it is something which needs a lot to be handled and we don’t have that much advancement right now. It is just something that the big corps. are upto now. Just take yourself like 10 years back, then having a possession of 1TB hard disk would have meant something really great… But see now its just nothing. Same goes for “BIG DATA”, just think 5-10 years ahead in time… You’ll be having some 256K resolution videos instead of the still popularising 4K’s and 8K’s, may be there will be some 9G or 10G communication protocols making transfer of data more faster. But for all that to be achieved we need to handle the DATA which is increasing day by day, ’cause if we fail to handle it could result in the collapse of the whole system or you can say the platform you are using now- The INTERNET will collapse and that indeed would be disastrous.

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