BIG DATA: How big is it?

BIG DATA: How big is it?.Check it out! How do you track the data your are generating and not being aware of how it’s working for or against you? Is BD a weapon or a tool?


One thought on “BIG DATA: How big is it?

  1. Do you know that even a single word or Query you search in google or any other search engines you generate some data and in response the search engine does the same? As for BD being a tool or weapon, I would love to put in a way that it is a mere technology that hasn’t been even applied well enough, it is still growing and guess what this technology can generate up to 5 million job in the coming years. That’s a lot of employment. And about the DATA Tracking, there are various ways to do that to… and guess what you just gave me a topic to write upon very soon…well thanks for that.

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